“Ross’s presentation was masterful. I have never heard a speech so powerful and moving. He really left a mark on all of us. Our students were captivated and many of them said that he was the best speaker that they have ever heard. I know for some of those students who have loved ones suffering from mental illness, or perhaps they have had some struggles themselves, his talk was like a balm in Gilead. Truly inspiring…”
Brian Thomas Associate Head of School, Head of Upper School, Bentley School
“Ross was voted as one of the most dynamic and informative speakers the students ever had. His genuine nature, sense of humor and knowledge of the importance of understanding mental health made it easy for the students to relate to him and to keep the topic of discussion going amongst themselves.”
Patty Lancaster Counselor, Archer School for Girls
“There are many speakers out there who could deliver a similar message, but what makes Ross so effective is that he is incredibly relatable. He had the audience laughing throughout the presentation, and he gave us hope that no matter what the circumstances, we all have the power to help ourselves and each other.”
Rebecca Ruberg Psychologist & Director of Student Support, Chadwick School
“I have been bringing Ross to speak to my high school students over the past 10 years. In all of my time as a therapist and school counselor, I have never had someone speak so realistically, articulately, and compassionately about mental health issues. Ross’s personal story is compelling, he is extremely charismatic and engaging, and students connect with him immediately. Ross seamlessly integrates a heartfelt, serious message with lightness and humor that is relatable while normalizing the continuum of mental health issues. By breaking down stereotypes and stigma around mental health issues he gives students and adults alike the permission to more freely talk about these issues in their own lives.”
Jill Valle, MA, LMFT Middle and Upper School Counselor, Wildwood School
“Ross Szabo is a leader of the mental health movement. His presentations break down the barriers and stigma which surround the topic of mental health and motivate students to think differently. Our community members are now more willing to ask for help, to recognize the signs that their friends may be in need of help, and to seek help for them.”
Travis T. Apgar Robert E. Engel Associate Dean of Students, Cornell University
“When Ross spoke to our high school at an assembly, you could have heard a pin drop. He made a lasting impression. Students are saying this was the most informative, motivational, helpful, and life-altering speaker they have heard in all of their years at this school. They let their secrets go in journals, counseling offices, and with their parents. Ross was eloquent, inspirational, funny, and informative.”
Donnie Todd Counselor, Human Development Chair, Brentwood School

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